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Step One is to complete a Medical History form. You can complete one online, via email or stop in the Clinic to obtain one.


Step Three is to schedule a doctor consultation for a physical and lab test review. If everything looks good and the doctor approves TRT treatment; you will receive your first injection at this time and your first three months of medications will be processed and shipped overnight.


Step Two is to complete lab tests. This is one of the most important step.


Step Four is a progress evaluation doctor consultation after three months of treatment. Additional lab tests will be ordered to evaluate treatment effectiveness. At this time, if necessary, medications will be adjusted. If everything is normal, the next six months of medications will be processed and shipped overnight. Thereafter, follow up labs and doctor consultations will occur every three months.


Aging is a natural process that can be effectively managed. At Your Medical Clinic we focus on hormonal balance, nutrition, and the latest anti-aging therapies. A new standard of care for men and women over the age of 30 in St. Johns County.

The Internet is flooded with web based testosterone replacement treatment. Virtual clinics do not have a physical address and most patients go through the TRT treatment without ever seeing a doctor.

These treatments downgrade the importance of being monitored, receiving medical follow up with the proper adjustment of medication and therapy, according to patient’s clinical profile and lab results.

At Your Medical Clinic in St. Augustine, our goal is to restore body’s hormones to their optimum levels through a customized medical plan specifically created for each client. Our patients go under a program that includes the diagnostic visit, medication supply, periodical consultations with the specialist, lab reviews one on one with the physician, and a 24/7 hotline for emergencies.

At Your Medical Clinic, our clients receive personalized medical management that assures each patient follows through the therapy that is right for him.

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